Texas Oil & Gas Association

Texas Oil & Gas Association (TXOGA) is a general, multipurpose trade association representing the Texas oil and gas industry. Founded in 1919, it is the oldest and largest organization in the state representing petroleum interests and continues to serve as the only organization in the state which embraces all segments of this industry.
The membership of Texas Oil & Gas Association, approximately 4,000 members strong, produces in excess of 92-percent of Texas’ crude oil and natural gas, is responsible for some 95-percent of the state’s refining capacity, and operates a vast majority of the state’s pipeline mileage. Some 500 of these members are executives of 50 of the state’s largest energy companies.The remaining members include: independent oil and gas producers, oil and gas producing and purchasing companies, refining companies, marketing companies, drilling contractors, land men, lease brokers, geologists, consulting engineers, royalty owners, pipe line companies and contractors, transportation companies, carbon black companies, geophysical companies, equipment and supply firms, well servicing contractors, oil and gas tax attorneys, insurance companies, banks, and others interested in promoting the welfare of the industry.

There are three focal points for the Association’s activities:Legislation, Regulation and Public/Industry Affairs. The work of the Association is concentrated in these areas in order that it may be responsive to the ever growing demands made on the industry by federal, state, and local governments and by the general public. Addressing the issues of government regulation and taxation — the two major issues which directly affect the industry’s operations — continues to be the primary objective of TXOGA. Dealing with industry-related matters such as these requires day-to-day contact with the various members of the Legislature and their staffs; the Attorney General’s Department; the Comptroller of Public Accounts; the General Land Office; the Railroad Commission; the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality; the Sunset Advisory Commission; as well as, other elected and appointed government officials. To do this the Association turns to its strong member supported committee structure, which mobilizes industry representatives with expertise in various fields to deal with specific problems. No other organization in the state can marshall the spectrum of expertise on industry issues that TXOGA has access to.

The Association’s public relations effort is keyed to media relations. The media is the primary recipient of the historical, economic, and statistical data on industry operations in Texas that is compiled and distributed by the Association staff. The staff also prepares and disseminates statements and news releases reflecting industry viewpoints and background information on current public issues involving Texas oil and gas producers.

Communication with its membership is yet another Association activity. In addition to TXOGA’s membermeetings and personal contacts, letters, and telephone calls, members are updated through a variety of bulletins, digests, and advisory material dealing with specific concerns and developments relevant to the Industry.Association members are kept advised through a monthly electronic newsletter, TXOGA Action. Additionally, TXOGA provides the Texas Oil & Gas Information Center, where members can receive legislative updates, bill analyses, as well as RRC and TNRCC updates, proposals and more. This service is intended to be a continuing tool to keep our members up-to-date with the latest information affecting the oil and gas industry.

Texas Oil & Gas Association provides a range of cost saving benefit programs which are available only to TXOGA members. The corner stone of these benefit programs is an extremely successful Worker's Comp insurance plan.

Every year the Association sponsors the Lone Star Forum, a gathering of top oil and gas producers in the state. The Forum serves as the principal forum for public discussion on issues affecting the industry by leaders of government and business. The Forum hosts the annual Distinguished Service Awards Banquet where the Association honors an independent producer and a senior executive of a major energy company which operates in Texas in recognition of their extraordinary service to this industry during their business careers. In addition, TXOGA's yearly agenda includes technical and issue driven meetings, retreats and Association committee meetings.

The activities of the Association are governed by an Executive Committee. It is comprised of 50 industry leaders, including 20 representatives of integrated companies. The Association is currently chaired by J. Roe Buckley of Mewbourne Oil Company, an independent producer from Tyler. The Association’s full-time staff includes the president, Robert L. Looney; a vice-president for member and media relations, William L. Ennis; a vice-president for environmental affairs, Debbie Mamula Hastings; a vice-president for governmental affairs, Benjamin W. Sebree, and a vice-president for finance, Jim Sierra.