Endangered Species (Onshore)


Environmental Rules and Regulations for Endangered Species


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Background Information:

The Endangered Species Act (ESA) can have a huge impact on the access that companies have to explore for oil and gas resources. ESA requirements include the protection of habitat for endangered species, which means that if a listed species has a wide area in which it lives, that entire area could potentially be off limits for exploration. This could result in severe reduction in the productivity of public and private lands.

Oil and gas companies have participated in many initiatives that help prevent species from becoming endangered, while still allowing for the economic development of resources. Collaborative initiatives such as the example in the links below can help us to make better conservation decisions by allowing local discussion and teamwork guide actions, not top down regulatory bodies.

Helpful Links:

An example of how energy companies have participated in the sage grouse conservation intiative:

Description of the Endangered Species Act: