Shale Gas Hydraulic Fracturing Issues


Hydraulic Fracturing Issues reg. Onshore Shale Gas Production


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Hydraulic Fracturing

Despite having been used as an industry practice for nearly 70 years, hydraulic fracturing has just recently become contentious in the public eye. Hydraulic fracturing or “fracking” is used industry–wide and were it not for dramatic advances in this technology, the renaissance that has taken place in the United States of the on-shore oil and gas business over the past five years would have never occurred.

In terms of increased productivity, efficiency and technological advancement, the practice of fracking is to the US oil and gas industry what robotic welders is to US automobile manufacturers or touchscreen technology and downloadable apps are to the tech industry. Simply put - fracking is a technology that is here to stay, continually evolving and improving, becoming more and more efficient, quieter, safer and less intrusive. It will allow us to tap vast amounts of energy and make us energy independent for decades to come.

Sadly there is a great deal of misinformation regarding hydraulic fracturing driven by some advocacy groups completely opposed to all fossil fuel use. Relying on fear instead of facts, fabricating risks and lurching from manufactured crisis to crisis – these opponents continue to be wrong about both the risks and the rewards of fracking.

There is an undisputed and proven track record of environmental soundness of the fracking practice going back 70 years. Protected by a robust state and local-based regulatory framework already in place – industry works close with our regulators to ensure the public is fully aware of what we do in their communities ( )

Below are some links to helpful resources in understanding the practice of hydraulic fracturing.

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