Membership FAQ

What are the qualifications for Membership?

Individuals and companies which are actively engaged in the oil and gas industry, including oil and gas producers, gasoline manufacturers, refiners, carriers, contractors, marketers of oil products, supply dealers and others interested in the oil and gas business all may become members of the association.

How much are the annual dues for my company or group?

The Association is financed through annual voluntary contributions under a budget system as determined by the Budget Committee. Member companies pay annual dues – based on a membership class where companies of similar size are grouped together. As an active USOGA member, the Chairman and the President will work with you directly to determine your organization’s annual dues.

Can an individual join USOGA?

Yes. Individuals interested in the activities of the organization and the industry may become affiliated members upon acceptance by the Chairman or the President.

How much does an individual USOGA membership cost?

This is obtained based on formula-based criteria. Please contact our office (202-638-4400) for more information.

What are the benefits of an individual membership?

The Benefits of your membership are located under the Membership section.

How will I be billed for my membership?

You will receive an annual invoice each calendar year to continue your membership. A membership is activated up receipt of your annual dues payment.

Can I pay my dues by credit card?

No. You can see the Membership section on how to pay your annual dues.