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Membership Values

USOGA is the voice of domestic oil and natural gas producers with federal legislators and regulators. USOGA’s membership, dollar-for-dollar, is the best single return on investment you will find in any trade association. For the cost of a single part-time employee, USOGA members have a seat at the table for industry-defining issues. USOGA members play pivotal roles in tax, legislative and regulatory reform efforts. USOGA is a principal resource for the U.S. House of Representatives and U.S. Senate tax writers seeking input regarding the impact of various legislative proposals. USOGA works very closely

Membership Advocacy

USOGA is a lean operation, nimble, quick and respected. Our size, notwithstanding our reputation, allows us in “through the side door” to lobby key decision makers on specific issues critical to our members. As the watchdog for industry and with USOGA members in key leadership positions (federal and state), we, as a group, deliver an authoritative, focused, valued and persuasive voice on industry issues.

Membership Benefits

with all the congressional committees and leadership who have jurisdiction over our business and activities.


Your investment of time and resources builds advocacy, input, messaging and influence, the payback results, over time, in millions (for larger companies billions) of dollars in savings to your company through reduced regulatory costs and tax burdens and the benefits gained from pro-growth legislation.

Because you agree that our mission as an advocate for domestic oil and natural gas production is important USOGA members are the reason our industry is strong! USOGA actively promotes the mission day in and day out. With your membership, USOGA delivers a highly regarded public voice for our members regardless of corporate structure or size.

1. Representing Your Interests Before Congress and the Executive Branch:

USOGA has strong relationships with the leaders in the U.S. Senate and the U.S. House of Representatives. Combined  with the Texas, Oklahoma, Louisiana, and the Mississippi/Alabama Divisions, USOGA provides unparalleled access to congressional delegations and state legislators.

2. Advocates for Pro-Development Legislation.

3. Manning the Front Lines Against Unreasonable, Overreaching Regulation:

Having diligently responded to federal inquiries and rulemakings in the past, USOGA is working closely with the new Administration to rescind the unreasonable and unworkable regulatory overreach of the Obama years. We are closely tied to these efforts in White House; the Department of the Interior, the Environmental Protection Agency and the Department of Energy and other Agencies.

4. Access to Expertise and Professional Staff:
USOGA staffs in the federal and state divisions (Texas, Oklahoma, Louisiana, Mississippi/Alabama) are professionals with a deep understanding of industry’s priorities and who possess the expertise in legislative tactics and strategies manage issues from concerns to achievable results. Working together, the federal and state divisions’ staffs provide a deep, effective united front that benefits our members.

5. Peer Networking:
USOGA Members are peers in industry and working together to address and solve common problems.

6. Making A Difference:
As the advocate for our members and industry, USOGA supports economic and environmental policies that sustain domestic oil and natural gas production which, in turn, supports a healthy economy and contributes to national security. We advocate for regulatory reform and environmental standards that sustain, rather than obstruct resource development. We are involved in virtually all of the key issues for both onshore and offshore activities. We coordinate our activities among all the industry associations, leveraging resources while maintaining a distinct identity for our members. We also always coordinate with our Texas, Oklahoma, Louisiana and Mississippi/Alabama divisions to sharpen our effectiveness in Washington.

Frequently Asked Questions.


What are the qualifications for Membership?

Individuals and companies which are actively engaged in the oil and gas industry, including oil and gas producers, gasoline manufacturers, refiners, carriers, contractors, marketers of oil products, supply dealers and others interested in the oil and gas business all may become members of the association.

How much are the annual dues for my company or group?


The Association is financed through annual voluntary contributions under a budget system as determined by the Budget Committee. Member companies pay annual dues based on a membership class where companies of similar size are grouped together. As an active USOGA member, the Chair and the President will work with you directly to determine your organization’s annual dues.

Can an individual join USOGA?


Yes. Individuals interested in the activities of the organization and the industry may become affiliated members upon acceptance by the Chair or the President.


How much does an individual USOGA membership cost?

An individual membership cost is $550.00 annually.


How will I be billed for my membership?

You will receive an annual invoice each calendar year to continue your membership. A membership is activated up receipt of your annual dues payment.


Can I pay my dues by credit card?

No, for further inquiry please contact us at

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