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Local Control and Regulations

Regulation of oil and natural gas development is a necessity, as with any industry. Reasonable regulation helps protect the environment and natural resources for future generations while providing affordable energy for the current one.

State-level regulations are most appropriate due to the varying geographic conditions across the country. USOGA supports state governments in determining the best course for their land and population. However, local regulations at a city or county level created with the intent of overriding state authority can result in a patchwork of confusing and expensive rules for both industry and consumer. Anti-oil and natural gas activists know this, encouraging voters to drive decision-making at a local level that will halt or ban operations.

We can understand the concern over environmental health and oil and natural gas development. What many don’t know is that U.S. carbon emissions have decreased by nearly 10 percent since 2005, thanks to an increase in natural gas through hydraulic fracturing. Increased natural gas usage also means a decrease in coal use. Rather than banning a safe and efficient form of energy production, communities should engage with regulatory authorities and surface and mineral owners to address concerns and share information that will help provide safe and affordable energy to those across the country.

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