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Oil Stack

US Oil & Gas Association:
Advocate for the Oil & Gas Industry Since 1917

The mission of US Oil & Gas Association (USOGA) is to promote national public policy that supports exploration and production for the domestic oil and natural gas industry.

USOGA is unique among oil & gas associations. Formed in October 1917, USOGA has been the industry’s successful advocate in Washington D.C. and in State Capitols for over 100 years. Cooperating under common by-laws established in 1917, USOGA is located in Washington, D.C. and has four affiliated state divisions:

  • Texas Oil & Gas Association in Austin, Texas

  • The Petroleum Alliance of Oklahoma in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

  • Southeast Oil & Gas Association in Jackson, Mississippi

  • Louisiana Mid-Continent Oil & Gas Association in Baton Rouge, Louisiana

USOGA is dedicated to educating the public, policymakers, and legislators
at the federal state and local levels about the value of domestic oil and natural gas exploration and production to enhancing national security
and economic vitality.

USOGA, in its entirety, represents over 5,000 members. Members with diverse interests and numerous corporate identities from the smallest producers to the largest, from public companies to individual or family owned. But they unite under USOGA’s flag with a common goal to do what’s best for all.

Meet the Team.

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